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I create freehand digital comics and illustrations


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Individual style

● I stick to one style - it's freehand digital illustrations and comics.● Having one style is a big advantage.● Style can transform anything, and fans of your brand will come back to you again and again.

Directions in illustration

I can use my comic style in these types of illustrations.● Advertising illustration.● Editorial illustration.● Web illustration.● Game art.

Possibilities of use

My creative solutions can be useful for:● Individual clients and influencers.● Different brands.● Creative and marketing agencies.● Advertising agencies, etc.


- ABOUT me -

Tanya Nikonova

"I try to tell visual stories for people around me to look at the kind and bright world of creativity together".

Welcome to my website! I'm Tanya Nikonova, an Ukrainian illustrator and comic book artist based in Troya (Kyiv).Troy seemed visually interesting to director Gordon von Steiner and cinematographer Stuart Weinkoff. They even filmed the movie "Troy: The Dormitory". They say that there are similar places near New York called "inland places". For example, Brooklyn has a very similar vibe to Troy....

- Services -

Present your brand, product or service

I help my clients visualize their ideas. 

  • Illustration

    Comic book pages

    I will guide you through all the steps of creating a comic and help you:● design your main characters;● make a storyboard;● make a final line art;● make color pages and cover of your comics.As a result, you will receive a finished comic in a single artistic style.

  • Illustration

    Black and white line illustration

    I will make an illustration according to your description and additional images:● terms of reference and coordination of all deadlines;● a simple sketch of a future illustration;● сlarification of details, correction of errors;● black and white line drawing;Additionally, I can do cover design and character design.

  • Illustration

    Color digital illustration

    I will make a color illustration for a book or magazine.
    ● Terms of Reference and coordination of all deadlines;
    ● a simple sketch of a future illustration;
    ● black and white line drawing;
    ● color illustration with all the details.
    Additionally, we can discuss cover design and character design.

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Featured Projects

I add a personal touch to my projects and give a sense of authenticity to your ideas.


Comic book pages

Magazine for Christian families with young children “What's for Dinner?”



Game art

Test game art (icons, game elements, playing field) for casual game match 3.



Editorial illustration

A series of 15 illustrations for an individual project.



Comic strip

Сomic strips for a Swedish website and a charity project to help Ukrainian refugees.


“I was happy to work with Tanya because the illustration for my new product turned out to be very successful.

As a result, her individual style and visual solution attracted more satisfied clients to me. Her work deserves the highest praise!”

  • Illustration

    Luke Peterson

“Working with Ukrainian illustrator Tanya was a great experience. Communication with Tanya was smooth and fast.

She always responded within a few hours, carefully considered all the feedback and sometimes offered her own solutions, which were very helpful.”

  • Illustration

    Amanda Willson

“Tanya is a joy and an inspiration to work with. She does quality work and is always willing to work with me.

Thank you so much, I really love the illustration, it will look great printed and framed. I will cherish it forever!”

  • Illustration

    Douglas Johnson

“We are very happy with the outcome and would highly recommend their services to our colleagues.

We found the strategy consulting team to be incredibly helpful and insightful. They listened to our needs and provided us with a comprehensive strategy.”

  • Illustration

    Daniela Cho

    COO at wonderglo

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- portfolio -

My portfolio

Here are examples of my recent works in my own style.


Troya paint

Personal website of Ukrainian illustrator and comic book artist Tanya Nikonova


Troya DistrictKyiv, Ukraine 015001

Do you have any questions?You can find answers in the frequently asked questions, or write to me using the contact form.

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  • I don't know the page size. What to do?

    If you don't know the file size you need, I will use the standard A4 format (2480х3508 px).

  • How can I write a description for an digital art?

    You can vividly describe the characters and the environment. If details of clothing or appearance are important to you, please describe them too. Give me pictures that will help me understand what you want.

  • What additional services do you have?

    I can do for you: 1) editorial and advertising illustrations; 2) digital line art for a coloring book, etc. 

  • When do I have to pay for commercial rights?

    If you intend to use my illustration for an audience that will directly or indirectly bring you money, you must pay me for the commercial rights.

  • Are you flexible in pricing?

    Every project is different. Write to me and we'll talk about your unique needs.


  • What additional services do you have?

    1) I can design a character, for a comic book. 2) I can draw a storyboard for you if you don't have a script. I have flexible prices because each case is unique.

  • How can I write a description for a comic?

    You must have a script. This is a description of what should be drawn in each comic panel on a particular page. If you do not have a script, then at least you should have a full text. In that case, I will charge you extra for additional storyboarding without a script plan.

  • I don't have a reference. It's enough?

    It's great that you have a description, but I need to know what your characters should look like. Please try to find pictures that will help me draw your comic.

  • I don't know the page size. What to do?

    If you don't know the print size, I can recommend you use the standard comic book page template: 7.48x11.023 inches, ready to print at 350 dpi.

  • Can I receive my order faster?

    PLEASE contact me first so we can work out what you wanted. I can work very quickly if the order is clear! It also informs you of my availability so you can expect when I work on your order. Don't worry, most of the time I deliver them on time!

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